Inspiration is a thing that gives you motive to do want they want to do or not it also give you reason without inspiration you never want to know anything more and you will stagnate with no ideas. like i have inspiration to succeed because i want to help myself and my parents. the question you want to ask is what is you inspiration




Aliens or extraterrestrial life has been thought to have been plausible but there have been no evidence found to confirm it.Since the mid-20th century, there has been an ongoing search for signs of extraterrestrial life, from radios used to detect possible extraterrestrial signals, to telescopes used to search for potentially habitable extrasolar planets. The major hypothesized life to exist on other planetary body’s are Microorganisms that has only been hypothesized relies on physical life and consistent physical size. Continue reading

Tech today

I chose this topic because of how tech is part of our life today, would you want to have no TV i know i wouldn’t. tech does many things for us from entertainment to helping us clean our teeth. first technology is things made by science to make life easier and furthering science further. Because of technology our average lifespan is twice that of ancient times.

The reason it is important to the people is that it helps us communicate larger lifespans and people more healthy but the biggest reason is comfort fire wasn’t discovered to help cook that was later. the reason its important to animals is that it makes us top of the food chain and destroys their homes. the reason its important for me is that it makes my life easier.           


The reason i chose this video is has tech of today.


Tell me what your favorite piece of tech is?

Civil war

The Civil war had many reasons for its start but the biggest is slavery. but before we get to that we need to go back it started with Virginia that because of the governments growing power and it’s more anti-slavery the Virginians  thought there way of life was in danger and broke off from the united states. After that more and more southern states joined. eventually tensions broke out and the south attacked. the war went bad at first for the north but eventually numbers and money proved dominant.

The topic is important to people because it talks about their past and their heritage and become better people. it is also important because it teaches us not to repeat the mistake of the past and do things differently. For me i like it because of the life lessons that learning about the civil war teaches us and it is a thing people shouldn’t forget.          

I chose this video because it explains the reasons for the civil war


Now i would like to ask what the civil war does to you?