Five Rhinos

The topic I’m am talking about is on the last five white rhinos. As of December 15 one of the six white rhinos alive died of age at 44. he was one that was in a failed try to get him to mate with an elderly female called Nola. with that there is only five, one of which is female. out of the five there is an elderly female called Nola, two young females called Najin and Fatu, and finally a young male by the name of Sudan.

The first article was found on the Washington post at this link The story was written by Abby Ohlheiser

The second article is found on the site the christian science monitor at this link This article was written by the combined efforts of the staff of the news site and was well written by the fact they stayed to the story only and not other interesting facts. My favorite line though sad that this is needed is that Efforts will now be made to keep the species alive through in vitro fertilization. While my least favorite is that Attempts to mate Angalifu with Nola weren’t successful.

In my opinion the first article is better. The reason it is better is for that the fact that she adds details that help in the article other than just the story itself. an example of that is when talking about how the species may need to be reproduced through science the first article gives you details on what they will probably do. that is the reason i think it is better if you agree good if not i accept that. Though i recommend that you read the first article it’s very informative.



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