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Revenue Growth in the Early Start up Years

This blog was very easy to navigate because it is on because it was on one page with all links needed and there was no pictures. The blog was not very visually appealing seeing how there was no pictures and was only grey and white with lettering. It is very informative giving many data charts and examples. In my opinion it is very interesting and goes to show how hard a business can be.

The blog was not very free of bias because it was about his experience with a certain meeting. It does not contain any obvious advertisements like pictures or videos put there is a link to twitter. The blog did include relative links but no pictures or videos. Yes the author did accomplish what he set up to because he showed how hard starting a business can be.

Feteer meshaltet “Egyptian layered pastry”

This blog was a little hard to navigate do to the sheer size and amount of information. This blog unlike the other is extremely appealing, along with making you hungry, and attracts people to look at it. It is very informative in the fact it gives you pictures of it also giving you steps to make it the things needed and the conversion table. it is extremely interesting as it gave me ideas to make different foods and that im hungry at this time.

This post is free of bias as she doesn’t think it’s better than anything and she states there is many variations all as equally as good. It contains no advertisements at all only having information on the topic it does not even have links to check ingredients. The blog contains no Links or videos but contains plenty of pictures. In my opinion it was accomplished by the fact she was trying to show this easy to make weird pastry is both weird and delicious at the same time.

Keeping Them honest

The blog was a little hard to follow as there is multiple topics on one page listed under Keeping them honest. This blog was very visually appealing as it ha many videos and is very professional in its writing and has many of them. This blog was very informational with all topics and was well researched giving it reliability and has many first person accounts. This blog was a mix of boring and interesting with some topics being boring and unneeded and others being very intresting compared to the boring one’s.

The blog is full of bias as it is given from his point of view and his thoughts on the matter. There were many obvious advertisements within this blog with them numbering in the twenties worth it goes to show the more popular the more advertisements they stuff on there. This blog contains many videos and links but there are no pictures as the videos work best with this type of blog. I believe he did  accomplish what he set out to do which was to inform the public on what the government is truly doing.

Winter Light

The blog was very easy to navigate where the information was in all the right places and the pictures were easy to see.  The blog was pretty appealing visually and i must say they were good pictures considering. The bog was not informational at all as it was meant to show people certain pictures and get there thoughts on it. In my opinion it was neither boring nor fun as it was asking your thoughts on a certain subject and advice on what to do.

There was no positive bias to the person but rather her criticizing her work while showing it to us and asking people for help. This blog literally contains no advertisements as it only has a comment part other than the authors content which they put there. This blog contains no links or Videos but it has pictures of all her work. I believe she accomplished what she set out for because she got the criticism and help she wanted.


The Bordeaux Bullet

The Blog was very easy to navigate as is was rather simple layout with a picture than there were words below. The blog was very appealing especially with a picture of a orange 650s viper in the blog. The blog wasn’t very informational was for the fact it was just how he got to drive it. This blog was very interesting because of the fact it was a 650S Viper!

The blog wasn’t anything but bias because lets face it if you drive it you will favor that car over everything. The blog did not contain any obvious advertisements except at the bottom. This blog contained many pictures and links but it did not have any videos as it would be much better. I think it accomplished what he set out to do which in my opinion he is just bragging.



Inspiration is a thing that gives you motive to do want they want to do or not it also give you reason without inspiration you never want to know anything more and you will stagnate with no ideas. like i have inspiration to succeed because i want to help myself and my parents. the question you want to ask is what is you inspiration



Aliens or extraterrestrial life has been thought to have been plausible but there have been no evidence found to confirm it.Since the mid-20th century, there has been an ongoing search for signs of extraterrestrial life, from radios used to detect possible extraterrestrial signals, to telescopes used to search for potentially habitable extrasolar planets. The major hypothesized life to exist on other planetary body’s are Microorganisms that has only been hypothesized relies on physical life and consistent physical size. Continue reading

Tech today

I chose this topic because of how tech is part of our life today, would you want to have no TV i know i wouldn’t. tech does many things for us from entertainment to helping us clean our teeth. first technology is things made by science to make life easier and furthering science further. Because of technology our average lifespan is twice that of ancient times.

The reason it is important to the people is that it helps us communicate larger lifespans and people more healthy but the biggest reason is comfort fire wasn’t discovered to help cook that was later. the reason its important to animals is that it makes us top of the food chain and destroys their homes. the reason its important for me is that it makes my life easier.           


The reason i chose this video is has tech of today.


Tell me what your favorite piece of tech is?

Civil war

The Civil war had many reasons for its start but the biggest is slavery. but before we get to that we need to go back it started with Virginia that because of the governments growing power and it’s more anti-slavery the Virginians  thought there way of life was in danger and broke off from the united states. After that more and more southern states joined. eventually tensions broke out and the south attacked. the war went bad at first for the north but eventually numbers and money proved dominant.

The topic is important to people because it talks about their past and their heritage and become better people. it is also important because it teaches us not to repeat the mistake of the past and do things differently. For me i like it because of the life lessons that learning about the civil war teaches us and it is a thing people shouldn’t forget.          

I chose this video because it explains the reasons for the civil war


Now i would like to ask what the civil war does to you?

This is a very long post title and the permalink should probably be shortened later

The topic im talking about today is the newest hobbit called the battle of the five armies. This is the third movie in the series and airs live on Dec. 18 2014. It starts with the characters watching from the lonely mountain as the dragon Smaug destroys lake town. from their it goes on with the war with the orcs and the political intrigue that happens during the movie and where one dwarf is slowly consumed by the Dragon sickness.

I dare you to read this post!

Five Rhinos

The topic I’m am talking about is on the last five white rhinos. As of December 15 one of the six white rhinos alive died of age at 44. he was one that was in a failed try to get him to mate with an elderly female called Nola. with that there is only five, one of which is female. out of the five there is an elderly female called Nola, two young females called Najin and Fatu, and finally a young male by the name of Sudan.

The first article was found on the Washington post at this link The story was written by Abby Ohlheiser

The second article is found on the site the christian science monitor at this link This article was written by the combined efforts of the staff of the news site and was well written by the fact they stayed to the story only and not other interesting facts. My favorite line though sad that this is needed is that Efforts will now be made to keep the species alive through in vitro fertilization. While my least favorite is that Attempts to mate Angalifu with Nola weren’t successful.

In my opinion the first article is better. The reason it is better is for that the fact that she adds details that help in the article other than just the story itself. an example of that is when talking about how the species may need to be reproduced through science the first article gives you details on what they will probably do. that is the reason i think it is better if you agree good if not i accept that. Though i recommend that you read the first article it’s very informative.


home tech today

Today is much different from a century ago , heck even ten years ago there is constantly new things being improved and made easier it used to be warming your house included having to find and chop wood then burn it, now days you walk up to a certain part of your house or object and press a couple of buttons or turn nobs and you have heat.